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There is little sense in owning a fine jewellery collection and being unable to enjoy wearing your favourite pieces as your insurance policy provides no cover unless the items are in a safe.  Just as there is little point to owning beautiful artwork and having to keep it locked up in a vault.

You have worked hard to achieve such assets, and you need an insurance policy which understands this and allows you the freedom you need to enjoy them.

It is because of this understanding that Network Insurance works with insurers who provide policies with the day to day enjoyment of assets in mind.

Our policies are warranty free, providing All Risks Worldwide cover to all items of jewellery or Fine Art, without the requirement for them to spend every hour in a safe or vault. 

Should a loss occur, reimbursement will be provided to the exact amount for which the item was insured, with no quibble.  In the event of damage to an item of jewellery or fine art occurring, Network Insurance will work with our insurers to ensure your item is restored as perfectly as possible, with compensation given for any loss in original value due to the damage occurring.  Of course, if you would prefer for the item to be replaced, this can also be arranged.

At Network Insurance we understand that you take care of the things you have worked to own.  We think it is only right that your insurance policy rewards that.

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  • We use Network for our car insurance, so contacted the Company about my pension. I was introduced to Rebecca Goater, who was very professional, efficient and clear during our discussions and in her subsequent formal advice.Martin Tolcher
  • “Polly was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.”Sarah R
  • As a new business owner, I've found Network Insurance really great at helping me navigate the world of insurance. They've been professional and approachable throughout and I'd certainly recommend them to other start-ups.Elizabeth Bewsey-Dyke
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